Water Heater Smarta 7 Series

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402.99 SAR
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This tankless electric water heater differs from a conventional storage type mini water heater. It does not store hot water. Instead, water is heated instantaneously as it flows through the unit. The powerful heating elements are activated by a flow switch as water is drawn from a main water faucet connected to the appliance. Due to the absence of stand-by loss, the mini has greater energy efficiency than storage type water heaters. The unit are incorporated with multi-safety devices and will continuously supply hot water if the faucet is open.


Besides, the unit has the following features : 

- Tankless, instantaneous heating for on demand hot water, No pre-heating, No stand-by heating loss, energy-saving.

- High strength ABS splash proof casing, stainless steel heating element.

- Compact appearance and unlimited supply of hot water.

- Easy installation, heater can be installed above or under sink. Power cord and plug are equipped

- Easy operation, the heater provides hot water with constant temperature.

- Micro-computer control, adopting patent heating technology. Water is completely separated from electricity by multi-layers of composite Nano insulation material.

-  Over temperature protection: when the outlet water temperature reaches or over 65°C, the appliance will avoid getting scalded and will start to work automatically while temperature drops to a certain degree. 

- There is a built-in pressure relief valve at the water outlet to prevent explosion.

- There is overheat protection, dry-heating protection, electricity leakage protection function.


Single point supply:

- Wash basin

- Sanitary facilities in commercial buildings

- Kitchenette


Warranty: 30 months

Made in China

Overheat protection 62°C
Wattage 7000 W
Safety class IP25
Pipe section G1/2
Rated Power 7kw
Min water flow to activate unit 1.5L/min
Rated current 30.4 A
Min wire size 4 mm
Thermal cut-off 95°C
weight 2.31 kg
Start pressure 0.02 - 0.6 MPa
water flow ratio 6.3 M\L
Voltage 220-240V
Temp setting arrange 30°C-55°C
Made in China

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